The Blog is Back!

09 April 2019

I've finally had a moment to resurrect my blog on technology, the eMM, copyright and anything that stimulates my mind and can't be made PBRFable. I've brought across the old posts as I'm actually pleased to see how well most of them have aged. As time permits I'm going to revisit some of them to see what has developed since then.

The last blog fell over for technical reasons and this time around I've decided to roll my own PHP blog based on a great sample one online - so much more exciting and avoids many of the security issues caused by the generic platforms out there. The base features are now working so we'll see how well it survives its debut to you my readers...

I've created a tagging system so posts on the eMM, copyright and other favourites can be easily focused on, but no comments this time around - far too much spam unfortunately. Happy to engage by email or Twitter however. There's an RSS feed if you want to keep track of new posts as well.

As always, opinions are mine, not my employer, but as I'm an academic I expect they will support my freedom to act as critic and conscience - something fundamental to the legal definition of a university in New Zealand - when I'm speaking as an expert.